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Concrete Slab IIC & STC Test Results

ASTM E492 and E90 tests on concrete slab assemblies.
AssemblyProductFinishCeiling?Concrete?IICSTCDetailIIC ReportSTC Report
6" ConcreteQT4002Expona LVTNoNo51542.5mm Expona LVT, QT4002, 6" slab, no ceilingC8707 02-113-11-R1
C8707 02-113-11-R1
6" ConcreteQT4005Expona LVTNoNo52542.5mm Expona LVT, QT4005, 6" slab, no ceilingC8707 03-113-11-R1
C8707 03-113-11-R1
6" ConcreteQT4010Expona LVTNoNo55542.5mm Expona LVT, QT4040, 6" slab, no ceilingC8707 04-113-11-R1
C8707 04-113-11-R1
7" ConcreteQT4002Expona LVTNoNo5257Expona LVT, Gerbert2525, QT4002, EGripIII, 7" concrete slabC6377.01-113-11C6377.01-113-11
7" concreteQT4002BambooNoNo5455Bamboo, QT4002, 7" concrete slab, no ceiling.C5673.01-113-11C5673.01-113-11
7" concreteQT4005BambooNoNo5455Bamboo, QT4005, 7" slab C5673.02-113-11C5673.02-113-11
7" concreteQT4002LaminateNoNo5856C5673.01-113-11C5673.01-113-11
7" concreteQT4005LaminateNoNo5855C5673.02-113-11C5673.02-113-11
6" concreteForest rx (rubber-backed sheet vinyl)Sheet Vinyl (Forest rx)NoNo5256C8707 01-113-11-R0 C8707 01-113-11-R0
6" concreteQT3025PlywoodNoNo57582 layers Plywood over QT3025, 6" slabATI D6587 02-113-11-R0
6" concreteQT3025x2PlywoodNoNo60612 layers Plywood, 2 layers QT3025, 6" slabATI C8457 01-113-11-r0
8" concreteQT4002PorcelainNoNo4856ATI D6771 01-113-11-r0
8" concreteQT4005PorcelainNoNo5157ATI d6771 02-113-11-r0
8" concreteQT4010PorcelainNoNo5357ATI d6771 03-113-11-r0
8" concreteQT4012PorcelainNoNo5357ATI d6771 04-113-11-r0
8" concreteQT4002WOil Coated Engineered Hardwood FlooringNoNo5453NGC 7005072
8" concreteQT4002Wood1 layer insulated GWB ceilingNo7272NGC 7004004

Wood-framed Tests

ASTM E492 and E90 tests on wood-framed assemblies.
AssemblyProductFinishCeiling?Concrete?IICSTCDetailIIC ReportSTC Report
Wood Truss (L528)QT4005Ceramic TileYesNo5264Ceramic Tile, Durock Cement Board, QT4005, T&G OSB subfloor, 18" open web truss, 6.5" R-19 fiberglass insulation, RC Deluxe channels, 1 layer Type C Gypsum BoardD0875.02-113-11-R0
Wood Truss (L521)QT4005 (over gypsum), QT4002 (under gypsum)Ceramic TileYes1"5363Ceramic Tile, HardieBacker, QT4005, 1" gypsum concrete, QT4002, OSB, UL L521 open web truss, R-13, RC Deluxe, 1 layer Type CD2041.01-113-11-R0
Wood Truss (L521)QT4002 under gypsumExpona LVTYes1"50632.5mm LVT, 1" gypsum concrete, QT4002, wood truss, 1 layer Type C GWBC8706 05-113-11-R0
C8706 05-113-11-R0
Wood Truss (L521)QT4002 over and under gypsumExpona LVTYes1"52632.5mm Expona LVT, QT4002, 1" gypsum concrete, QT4002, wood truss, RC deluxe, 1 layer Type C GWBC8706 02-113-11-R0
C8706 02-113-11-R0
Wood Truss (L521)QT4005 over gypsum, QT4002 under gypsumExpona LVTYes1"5363C8706 03-113-11-R0
C8706 03-113-11-R0
Wood Truss (L521)QT4002LaminateYes1"53637mm Kaindle Classic Touch laminate, 25.4mm Hacker Firm-Fill 3310, QT4002, 5/8-3/4"T&G OSB subfloor, 16" depth parallel chord truss, 24" oc, 3.5" fiberglass batt insulation, RC Deluxe RC, 1 layer 5/8" type C USG SheetrockC7016 01-113-11-r0
C7016 01-113-11-r0
Wood Truss (L521)Forest rx (rubber-backed sheet vinyl)Sheet Vinyl (Forest rx)Yes1"5264 7mm Forest rx, 25mm gypsum concrete, QT4002, 18mm T&G OSB subfloor, 406 mm open web truss, 89mm R-13 fg insulation, 13mm RC Deluxe channels, 16mm USG Sheetrock type C GWB,

C8706 01-113-11-r0 C8706 01-113-11-r0
TJIQT4005Engineered WoodYes1"5058QT4005, 1" gypsum concrete, 23/32" OSB subfloor, 9.5" TJI joists with Flak Jacket, 3.5" R11 fg insulation, Clark Dietrich RC1 channels, 1 layer 5/8" Pabco Type C GWB7013056 5013035
TJIQT4005Ceramic TileYes1"5060Ceramic tile, QT4005, 1" gypsum concrete, 23/32" OSB subfloor, 9.5" TJI joists with Flak Jacket, 3.5" R11 fg insulation, Clark Dietrich RC1 channels, 1 layer 5/8" Pabco Type C GWB7013055 5013034

Delta IIC Tests

Series of single-sample ASTM E2179 tests conducted in one day at Architectural Testing in York, PA.
ProductDelta IIC
TERF (12mm backing)31
Performance (12mm backing)27
1" Ultra Tile26
ECOrx (12mm backing)26
2.5" ECOmax26
Performance (5mm backing)24
Expona LVT loose laid over QT400523
Everlast Bounce23
ECOrx (4mm backing)23
8mm Everlast Zone 322
Expona LVT loose laid over QT400219
3.2mm Everlast Zone 517
Forest fx sheet vinyl8
Expona LVT alone3

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