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IIC Tests: What they Sound Like

IIC Tests: What they Sound Like

Here is a video showing what IIC acoustical testing sounds like on Ecore Commercial Flooring’s Forest rx (rubber-backed sheet vinyl) on an 8″ concrete slab with no ceiling. This footage was taken during a facility tour of Architectural Testing in York, PA at the Sound Advice-sponsored event “Autumn in Amish Country” The people you see…


{Case Study} The Slate in Omaha, Nebraska

Founded in 1988, the NuStyle Development Corporation (NDC) has undoubtedly transformed and revamped the Omaha, Neb. built environment. Today, just over a quarter century later, the NDC is fully owned and operated by Todd Heistand and his wife, Mary. The NDC is most recognized for its impressive refurbishing of seemingly dilapidated properties in downtown Omaha. Throughout the years, Hesitand and their developers have…

201405-SoundTransmissionFitness ASA Paley

PDF of ASA Presentation Posted

We presented at the 167th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America earlier this month in Providence, RI.  The presentation was titled: “Sound Transmission Issues in Higher-Story Fitness Facilities.” A PDF of the slideshow may be found at the bottom of the Resources page.


Building UL L521at ATI

[Show slideshow] 123► At ECORE, our main factory is located in Lancaster, PA, and we have a second factory and warehouse on the other side of the Conestoga River in York, PA.   Not too long ago, Architectural Testing opened a brand new acoustical testing facility just down the road from our York warehouse.  So…


Weight Rooms + Sound Transmission Problems

More and more gyms and athletic facilities are being put on higher stories.  Because ECORE manufactures leading brands in both athletic sports surfacing (everlastsportssurfacing.com) and acoustic underlayments (qtsoundcontrol.com), we’re a logical company to turn to for a solution when the dropping of free weights and rhythmic impacts of treadmills become bothersome to adjacent tenants. Because…

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