Welcome to Sound Advice, a repository of acoustic data  from the folks at Ecore International, makers of recycled rubber performance surfaces and underlayments.

Sound Advice exists to assist the acoustical consultant and specifier with the important work that’s happening throughout the A&E industry.

A falling object, like a foot or weight, has energy. When the object hits the floor, that kinetic energy gets distributed to many places: back to the object (bounce), into the room (impact sound), to the room below (impact sound), to the floor (heat). Our products are all about managing where that energy goes.

We have made great efforts to quantify the management of acoustical energy, and reports are available when you click on “Test Data” to log in and view acoustical test results. Go to the blog and you’ll find comments and updates from Ecore Acoustics. Click “Email us” to reach out to Ecore’s on-staff acoustic engineer.

Ecore International is a product manufacturer and does not represent itself as a consultant, engineer, or advisor in construction methods, standards, and compliance. Therefore, Ecore only warrants its products under its standard limited warranty (available by request), and does not represent or warrant any advice, suggestions, or instructions, whether formal or informal, oral or written, in conjunction with any sales of its products. Any such advice is not intended for a particular purpose and should not be acted or relied upon as such. Any such advice is not represented as being all-inclusive, correct, complete or up to date. The information and data contained herein are based on industry accepted testing, manufacturing tolerances and prior product usage as set forth. It is intended as descriptive of the performance characteristics and capabilities of Ecore products and does not certify applicability for any particular or specific project.