Press Release: Ecore & Pliteq Lawsuit Settled

Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed waste into unique performance surfaces, has successfully settled a lawsuit against Paul Downey and Pliteq, a business that sells building products for commercial sound control. The lawsuit arose as a result of Pliteq buying Ecore products through third parties and selling those products as its own manufactured product. “We discovered that Paul Downey and Pliteq were having third parties buy our products and having them shipped to a warehouse in Allentown, Pa.,” said Arthur Dodge, III, President and CEO of Ecore. “We learned from an employee of that warehouse that Pliteq was instructing the warehouse to take the Ecore labels off of our products and replace the Ecore labels with labels identifying the products as being manufactured by Pliteq.” Pliteq was simultaneously representing on the Pliteq Web site that the material was manufactured by it in Lancaster, Pa. Once Ecore learned of the relabeling activity, the company initiated a lawsuit against both Downey and Pliteq. A federal judge issued an immediate order requiring Downey and Pliteq to stop the activity of identifying the Ecore manufactured product as being made by Pliteq, which Pliteq agreed to. Ecore’s lawsuit continued and, shortly before trial, Ecore and Pliteq settled. Downey and Pliteq agreed to never engage in the activity of relabeling or representing any of Ecore’s products, including Ecore’s manufactured sound control underlayment, as their own products or implying that Ecore’s products were manufactured by them. “We are pleased to put this matter behind us and ensure (more…)

Made in USA Certification!

With the rampant supply of lower quality acoustical underlayments being manufactured in other countries, we recently decided to pursue a third party, Made in USA Certification for our line of acoustical underlayments- QT Sound Control and are so happy to announce that QT has been found to be certified as 100% Made in the USA!! For our certification, we chose to use Made in USA Certified®, the nation’s leading 3rd party independent certification source for USA-Country of Origin claims.  Other companies who have also chosen to trust Made in USA Certified® include Walmart and Shop Vac.  The certification process included an in-depth supply chain audit to verify what percentage of the product-from raw materials to packaging supplies- is sourced and processed in the USA.  Once the audit is complete, Made in USA Certified® will award a specific seal, certifying the percentage of components that are assembled and manufactured in the US.  The various levels of certification range from 51% or more to 100%.  ECORE is proud to say that our product was certified 100% Made in USA, meaning that “100% of the product’s components (value) and 100% of the product [is] assembled & manufactured in the US.” PDF View Our Made in USA Certificate Here ECORE’s roots date back to 1869, when GW Dodge formed a cork manufacturing company in New York.  Less than 10 years later, this company was relocated to Lancaster, PA and was renamed Lancaster Cork Company.  Despite the various name-changes and improvements to manufacturing processes since then, ECORE is so proud to still (more…)

Acoustic Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur Amar Bose Dead At 83

In a 2004 interview in Popular Science magazine, he said: “I would have been fired a hundred times at a company run by M.B.A.’s. But I never went into business to make money. I went into business so that I could do interesting things that hadn’t been done before.” A perfectionist and a devotee of classical music, Dr. Bose was disappointed by the inferior sound of a high-priced stereo system he purchased when he was an M.I.T. engineering student in the 1950s. His interest in acoustic engineering piqued, he realized that 80 percent of the sound experienced in a concert hall was indirect, meaning that it bounced off walls and ceilings before reaching the audience. … Dr. Bose made a lasting impression in the classroom as well as in his company. His popular course on acoustics was as much about life as about electronics, said Alan V. Oppenheim, an M.I.T. engineering professor and a longtime colleague. “He talked not only about acoustics but about philosophy, personal behavior, what is important in life. He was somebody with extraordinary standards,” Professor Oppenheim said.   Sharon Paley‘s insight: I recently watched Dr. Bose’s last lecture at MIT.  Looks like he would’ve been an awesome professor. (more…)