Made in USA Certification!

With the rampant supply of lower quality acoustical underlayments being manufactured in other countries, we recently decided to pursue a third party, Made in USA Certification for our line of acoustical underlayments- QT Sound Control and are so happy to announce that QT has been found to be certified as 100% Made in the USA!!

For our certification, we chose to use Made in USA Certified┬«, the nation’s leading 3rd party independent certification source for USA-Country of Origin claims.  Other companies who have also chosen to trust Made in USA Certified┬« include Walmart and Shop Vac.  The certification process included an in-depth supply chain audit to verify what percentage of the product-from raw materials to packaging supplies- is sourced and processed in the USA.  Once the audit is complete, Made in USA Certified┬« will award a specific seal, certifying the percentage of components that are assembled and manufactured in the US.  The various levels of certification range from 51% or more to 100%.  ECORE is proud to say that our product was certified 100% Made in USA, meaning that “100% of the product’s components (value) and 100% of the product [is] assembled & manufactured in the US.”

PDF View Our Made in USA Certificate Here

ECORE’s roots date back to 1869, when GW Dodge formed a cork manufacturing company in New York.  Less than 10 years later, this company was relocated to Lancaster, PA and was renamed Lancaster Cork Company.  Despite the various name-changes and improvements to manufacturing processes since then, ECORE is so proud to still be manufacturing high quality surfacing solutions out of Lancaster, PA.  Using over 80 million pounds of scrap tire rubber per year, ECORE is the nation’s largest manufacturer of scrap tire rubber-based goods.

Our products can be found everywhere from your local gym to NASA rockets.  Some recent press includes:

  • Mission ORB-22 (International Space Station resupply) Launched Sunday, July 13, 2014
    orbital rocket
  • The TODAY Show & Carson Daly’s Shine a Light Series where ECORE teamed up with the National Gardening Association’s and the TODAY show and donated surfacing to create a new garden in Brooklyn school.  The segment featuring ECORE’s PlayGuard/ECOmax surfacing product will air July 17 and July 22.

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